Saturday, January 01, 2022

two young men looking for adventure

Here's two young men whose names begin with K and whose lust for new music (new music that is actually new as opposed to recently released) has resulted in these ample tallies of 2021's not-slender harvest (according to their hungry ears)

Kieran Press-Reynolds on his Top 20 Songs of 2021 plus Honorable Mentions 

(And here's the one solitary release where we converged / concurred).

Kit Mackintosh at Neon Screams with his own completely different round-up - overlapping not a jot with either mine or Kieran's - and which bears the title Future Shock Watch. 

It's a compliment to their flair - and the sheer will to make an adventure of their time -  that I enjoyed reading the writing about the music rather more than the listening to the music.   

If you fancy seeing how the tuneage strikes your ears, here's Kieran's Spotify playlist, while the Kit-list is crammed with videos.