Wednesday, January 30, 2019

All the Young Droogs

Here's my Pitchfork review of a new Cherry Red box set compiled by junkshop glam archivist Phil King - All the Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks, Rock’N’Glam (And a Flavour of Bubblegum) From the ’70s. 

It's an excellent 3-disc trawl across the second strata of the glitter era, from punk-before-punk to Cockney'n'roll boogie to fey dandies with chronic Bowie-damage. Amazingly, Droogs doesn't repeat any of the track inclusions on the early junkshop glam collections like Velvet Tinmine, Glitterbest, Boobs, and Glitter from the Litter Bin, although some of the names - Iron Virgin, Hector, Hello - are familiar.

Here also is an interview at Goldmine with Phil King by Dave Thompson on the whys and wherefores of the compilation and the history of the whole junkshop glam retro-actively invented genre business.

Some of my favorites from the junk trunk.