Wednesday, July 08, 2015

music music # 15

The last blast? 

Suzanne Spiers-Conte reminds me of

A cover of this - once very hard to find - which is why it's the first time I've heard it

Neil Cooper with a heap of suggestions

Based on a Sly and the Family Song of course

and also 

but  Neil could also have mentioned

and probably a bunch of others

Kit Mackintosh proffers a bunch of George Clinton "Funk-as-salvation songs"

 and also mentions "Who Says a Funk Band Can’t Play Rock Music"   

which reminded me of the disappointment of buying One Nation Under A Groove the LP as a cut-out in some Berwick Street record store in the early 80s and discovering when I got home that it didn't all sound like "One Nation Under A Groove" the track. Indeed the only other song that I dug even a little on the record was this one - 

Disappointment does not even begin to describe the emotions felt when I played the free bonus 7 inch inside with its live versions of "Maggot Brain". I was not ready. Not in 1981.

Kit also mentions AC/DC's various rock-themed rockers ("Let There Be..." "For Those About To"), Kiss's unmentionable, and some house tunes with the word "house" in.  And Led Zep's "Rock and Roll" which I find really bludgeoning. 

And also from Kit, a couple from Jamaica: 

(the latter on account of its repeating "music" utterance

David Pascoe comes with just the one 

Hal in London suggests

C.J. comes again with some self-reflexive hip hop (but isn't most of it?)

Kevin Quinn drops by once more 

Rebecca Rosengarde offers 

Is this the only pop song about a kind of spotlight?

Jenny Clare is very surprised this one hasn't occurred to me yet, seeing as  she knows it's a personal ab fav of mine

Melanie Brewer  says if you wanna talk about reflexivity

Jessica Maynard says come on now, this is undeniable 

Ah but Jess, let that through and it's a slippery slope to this - 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

music music # 14

"music, sweet music / I wish I could caress"

Monday, July 06, 2015

music music # 13

Seventies is the golden age of reflexive rock - rock that tells you what it is going to do to you

Whattagroove...  Blew my mind when I saw this on Old Grey Whistle Test repeats some time in the late Eighties.

Very disappointed when it turned out  that Little Feat's songs didn't all sound like this.

More about the lifestyle of music - being a musician - than music per se.  The three-and-half minutes that redeems Grand Funk Railroad's existence. "The hotel detective, he was out of sight" - does that mean he was a cool rules-waiving kind of dude, or literally just not around to interfere with the shenanigans?

Also more about being a rock star, than rocking, as such.

About the Fifties, yet nothing could sound more (first half of the) Seventies.

Well, when you think about it.. .nearly everything from Mott is about either the salvation-power of R'n'R or the tribulations of being a rock'n'roller by calling.

And finally, this -  about the rock biz

"He just doesn't understand the rock media"  -- would that lyric would be improved as "he just doesn't understand the rock medium"?

old bit on the drummage in this tune

It was kind of his thing, David Essex - reflexivity

The studio version of "Good Ol' Rock and Roll" is triffic but unavailable on YouTube