Thursday, July 11, 2024

Never Mind The Ballards - talking sonic fiction July 17

I'll be making a guest appearance at the Sci-Fi Short Story Club, discussing "The Sound-Sweep" - one of a couple of acutely imaginative tales involving music of the future dreamed up by J.G. Ballard.

The event, hosted by Los Angeles Public Library, is loosely tied to Futuromania - which features a extended essay about the ways in which science fiction writers have grappled with the challenge of imagining the future forms and functions of music.  So in addition to "The Sound-Sweep" and Ballard's work, the discussion will encompass the broader subject of the interface between s.f. + music

The book club meets by Zoom, so I can see no reason why - beyond issues of time zone differences -  someone who doesn't live in LA could attend, if they fancied. 

This free event takes place at 6 pm PDT, on Wednesday July 17th. 

Reading J.G.'s 1960 story in advance is helpful if you wish to participate in the discussion, but not essential. 

Sign up here. 

Monday, July 08, 2024


Here I am chatting with Andrew Keen for his show Keen On - about Futuromania, future-music, AI, and the intersection of science-fiction technology and retro culture - what you might term  (well, what I did term - a trial run for a coinage) necro-futurism.

I had a great chat with Andrew about a dozen years ago when Retromania came out - that time I went round to his HQ in San Francisco, sitting in a TV-style studio - so it was cool to bookend with this conversation, albeit this time done remotely. 

Friday, July 05, 2024

World's feeblest "hooray" at the news that Keir Starmer has been appointed head of Delivery at GBC.

Shame he's such an uninspiring figure - that voice, that cadence. 

Shame too that Labour's policy "offer" (such a visionless term) is so modest. 

Pure joy, of course, to see the Tories ejected at last, in such large and specifically humiliating numbers. 

I suppose having some sensible, service-minded people in charge of things is a big improvement.

But the U.K. - the world - needs more than capable administration of the status quo. 

                                                "In a small country, dreams are filed away".