Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Jon at Worlds on music overload and being a bit backed up with yer stacks:

"When that happens, I run and hide, and contemplate employing someone to listen to the music I own, reporting back to me on its good and bad points, on whether it’s something I’d dig. Sometimes I think we all need someone like that. Sort of music pre-digestion, if you will."

Word! Hear hear! What that man said! If only!

On a related topic, an email-ee called Karl asked me to coin a phrase to describe an emotion familiar to many readers I'm sure:

"a type of anxiety over the amount of fantastic art, music etc out there, the
fact I have missed out on so much, the thought that potentialy my favourite
track is only out there..."

as i told him practically my whole life exists within the penumbra of that anxiety! (although having a kid has a remedial effect--combination of not enough time/relearning how to live in the now). not just records but books too. at any rate i've been scratching my head but can't think of a good term. Any ideas?

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