Sunday, October 03, 2004

high as a kite after the debate. i actually had trouble sleeping. the buzz was finally wearing off yesterday and then i read about the newsweek poll showing Kerry two or three points ahead. could it be, could it possibly mean, that sanity is going to prevail?

only downside is having to be on tenterhooks for another month. in some ways total despair and fatalism was easier on the nervous system!

some videowhiz should do a cut up of kerry synched up to the FWD riddim, every rhetorical jab, parry and thrust matched to those pugilistic blares of clipped-fanfare blare, with shots of Bush looking flustered and cornered flashing in time to the low body-blows of bass and beats. Like the Destruction riddim (similarly based around chopped up movie-soundtrack/blacksploitations stabs and Rocky-like horn bombast), FWD sounds literally punchy:
it's feels like being in thick of close combat, an ugly street fight, people slugging it out no holds barred. You can see why it's (legendarily, anyway) been banned in Essex. It's virtually incitement to war on the dancefloor.

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