Thursday, January 20, 2005

K-punk resurrects Renegade Academia, my profile of the CCRU (and allies) from '98, originally commissioned by Lingua Franca (RIP) until they chickened out and decided CCRU were, i dunno, too far out or something

Actually this version is a remix I did for a forthcoming Paul D. Miller-edited book Sound Unbound: Music, Multimedia, and Contemporary Sound Art on MIT Press (all the usual suspects--Eshun, Scanner, Erik Davis, Manuel Delanda, Bruce Sterling, Doug Rushkopf....).

The original was even longer, had some secondary quotes on internicine Warwick University academo-bureaucratic disputage, plus sort-of-Marxist Judith Williamson offering a critique of CCRU's rabid exaltation of market forces. Proper reporterly bizniz, seen.

It also featured this description of Mark:

“a cleancut young man who speaks with an evangelical urgency and agitated hand gestures.”

Powers of observation in full effect! Got him in one! Well I had no idea he'd be praising St Paul within six years, but still not bad, not bad at all.
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