Tuesday, March 08, 2005

DJ Marlboro's photolog! cool pix of some bailes--that's brazilian for bashments, innit. check out also the embattled tone of his motto here: it translates as "Prejudice is inside the heads of the minority that think they know everything." Funk carioca really is Brazil's ardkore--an embarassment to discerning folk in that country, sniffed at by the electronic music afficianados, or the majority of them at any rate. (Or c.f. dancehall in Jamaica, deplored by that country's educated elite). But Marlboro has started what would seem to be the Speed of carioca, a weekly night at Lov.e, a club situated in one of the most genteel neighbourhoods of Sao Paulo. The club draws about 400, which must be much smaller than yer actual funk bailes ( which i'm guessing are more at the scale of Sunday Roasts and similar one-off jungle events of yore, and probably contain wilder behaviour too.) How long before "intelligent carioca", or even drill'n'carioca?
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