Thursday, May 26, 2005

when worlds collide

"The Original edit sees Deekline & Wizard serve up a slice of garage infused break-beat outweighing his branded God Flesh-esque, a*se quake bass with a Virus mutilated, treble loaded, synth" [press release, via world of fiddy]

The reference to Godflesh is surprising in itself. But then to see "arsequake" resurrected, albeit with a coy asterisk and mysterious spacing. Stubbs and I still squabble over who coined that term. Not quite as surprising, though, as the season of MTV's The Real World set in London, when the supercilious blonde English chap who's in a noise-rock group (and who later french-kisses a drunk male heckler in the audience, as part of his confrontational live act, and gets his tongue almost bitten off) described his band as "progressive arsequake". I nearly fell off the sofa.
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