Monday, September 19, 2005

a pained and highly personal account of the dangers of overconsumption (by nick southall over at stylus) that will strike chords with more than a few folk i'm sure... certainly downloading culture has created for the many a predicament hitherto the preserve of a tiny few (music journalists and others inundated with freebies)... only thing i'd disagree with nick about is his contention that the DIY ethos/home studio folderol has created a tidal wave of "unmitigated shite", well it has, surely, but that's not the real problem: the tidal wave of pretty-good-to-almost-excellent stuff, that's the problem, all this deserving stuff competing for your attention... plus the riches of the past, the well-known treasures are copious enough, but then what about the unjustly neglected, the unearthed revelations... the out-takes and alternate versions .. all those deluxe two-CD jobs... i'm starting to feel dizzy... come to think of it i wrote a thingfor Pulse on a similar subject nine or ten years ago 'music overload', all about stockpiling and skimming, being a generalist versus being a genre-ist... maybe i'll dig it out

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