Tuesday, October 25, 2005

hair there and everywhere: the coiffure chameleons

Lil Kim, rocking dreads and ripping off "Jamrock" with her new single "Lighters Up" . Well, braids, at least, among several other wigs, but definitely a more conscious/organic look than her usual robo-ho image.

A monograph could be written on the last 15 years of techno as dramatised by changes in Richie Hawtin's hairstyle: the transition from the austerity and rigour of the tekno slaphead look to the hedonic-ironic Neu Romantique look he now favors. From hardcore for the headstrong 'n' hairless circa the classic early Plus 8/FUSE material right through spartan hard-grind uber-minimalist techno to a metrohaus-attuned dandyism-but-subtle-and-restrained; from MidWest pilgrim soldier to Mittel Europa pleasure boy.
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