Friday, March 17, 2006

Gutterbreakz on The Tomorrow People ,whose incidental sinistronica, due for reissue on Trunk very soon, turns out to have been made by some hallowed hauntological ancestors operating under an alias.

i don't remember the music especially but the series itself did make a vivid impression (so disappointed to hear it hasn't aged well--it was the same with The Survivors, another favourite from slightly later in the Seventies, when i chanced upon them as repeats on PBS in the mid-Nineties. The concepts of each episode still shone but the acting, dialogue, etc, was diabolical). But Tomorrow People--I recall one episode as particularly powerful--about how a craze for wearing colours spreads across the globe (this is years before Crips and Bloods were well-known), the friction between the two subcultural tribes (Greens and Blues?) escalating into violence, mass disorder in the streets, etc. Turns out the whole fad was seeded by street teams of aliens who feed off negative energy and who are orbiting the Earth sucking up all the bad vibes.

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