Thursday, July 05, 2007

when you're watching one of those VH1 yet-another-trawl-through-pop-history-with-noname-talking-heads progs like 100 Greatest Songs of the Eighties, you don't tend to expect musicologically-informed insights, least of all when it's Limahl that's been wheeled out in a strikingly dapper three-piece suit with sky blue waistcoat, but it was he who noted that one of the striking things about "Don't You Want Me" is "lead singer Phil Oakey's monotone vocal style, with almost no vibrato. [adopting impossibly arch, unreadably ironic tone] 'Oh, no--we don't do vibrato'". Martin Fry then offered the trite-r by far observation that "it's kinda one of those records that came from the future--cos you hear it today and it sounds pretty contemporary". I dunno, if anything sounds date-stamped 1981 (in a good way) it's surely "Don't You Want Me". indeed a no-name burly comedian immediately offered the counter-thought that while the music itself "sounds like it was spat out of a computer", in other respects the song resembles "one of those he said/she said songs you've heard from out of the 1950s."

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