Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a chewy issue of XLR8R (August)(seems like you can download the whole issue as a pdf here) ... a feature package essentially based around the Woebotic shanty house concept, a survey of rude'n'cheesy subaltern sounds and bass materialist scenes from around the globe... an interview with Daniel Miller by the dude from Adult. ... the mag's sixth annual guide to the best independent labels around (not just electronic, either)... oh yes and an interview with yours truly at the back...

and there on page 34, a piece on how Francois Kevorkian is a big fan of dubstep and second only to Dave Q and the Dub War cru as a NYC champion (of that) sound. Apparently when the tremolo sub-lo hits, the crowds at his regular Monday thing Deep Space go apeshit. Not 100 percent sure what his seal of approval says about dubstep. But it has a certain logic, a historical-poetic rightness, the closing of a circle. Cos it would have been Francois K's remixes of New York postdisco music in the early Eighties that would have played a crucial role in injecting dubbiness and deep spaciness into the music that became garage in the first place.

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