Friday, May 16, 2008

interesting post by Mentasms on the Crystal Castles album. Diagnosis: a simulation of the aural/spiritual exhaustion induced by over-exposure to digitized, low bit-rate audio.

Impostume, acerbic on the proto-politics of bad service in UK retail

Actually America isn't all "have a nice day" phony warmth and politeness you know. In fact there is a particular kind of recalcitrance that some supermarket check-out people have developed over here, which is to be not overtly rude or surly, but non-responsive, in a sort of supercilious, aloof, all-this-is-beneath-me kind of way. So the typical exchange will go:

Customer: "Thank you."

Check-out person: "Mmm mmm."

Often said as close to inaudible as possible, and while already turning to face the next customer. And others just don't reply at all.

The idea seems to be: I'm not going to participate in this little ritual nicety, because this job is not who I am. Dignity and distance achieved through disdain. And fair enough really.