Monday, August 18, 2008

Bassline's So Solid Crew?

Like the way this one, "Put a Donk On It" reduces the techno-house-rave pantheon of classic sounds to a series of presets...

Except it's not really bassline, the music, it's closer to Scooter than T2. Sort of happyhardhousegabbatrance… A different nuum altogether: the EuroCore Nuum.

Check out "Unpa Lumpa" for a hint of Marshall Masters/"I Like It Loud" volk-stomp.

Then there's the promisingly titled "Ravers Binge"

"No moaning/No whinging/Wanna see all the ravers binging"

And still more from Bolton's finest:

"Heaven Is A Place on Earth"

(posted by one ArdCoreChav)


"Four Face Man"

And check this, the Blackout Crew's myspace self-description:

Hard House / Happy Hardcre / Experimental

That's sic, that.

[shout to Bat for alerting me to this lot]