Thursday, September 04, 2008

not only is she skincrawlingly smarmy, snide, snarky, and scarily smug in her small-mindedness

but one of her best lines(about being a pitbull in lipstick) is a bite from Eve's "What Y'All Want" viz, "pitbull in a skirt"

(well, a semi-bite)

chunks of that lyric actually fit the scenario, if you replace "Ruff Ryders" with "Republican Party"

"Puttin' it down, Ruff Ryders put in they work
Snatched up the illest vicious pitbull in a skirt
(Grrrrrr) Makin' em hurt, haters steady dishin' up dirt
Changin' the game, settin' the rules, makin' it work

and replace "niggaz" with "acrid-with-ressentiment, shockingly all-white, flag-happy evangelical GOP base"

"Leavin' 'em scared, mami takin' all of this here
All of this fame I'm hungry, hope you cats is prepared
Niggaz, set me up and I'ma take it and run
Think it's a game? Just check out how my format is done..."

and for "thug", substitute "ReThug"

"Every thug's dream wife, see the love in they eyes?
My time to shine, whole package make her a dime
Want some more? It ain't over, just keep pressin' rewind