Monday, March 09, 2009

ardchive fever (boy this is too much)

here's where I draw the line -- Ironman's DNB Tape Pack Sickness, a blog dedicated to rave tape packs, not just d&b but H-core and 94-95 jungle

five or six hours worth per upload

from the few i've got (as in actual tape packs--typically, a video case with six low quality cassette tapes crammed inside) the expectation i have would be: inferior copied-at-high-speed sound quality; grim professionalism from the DJs and from an increasingly hoarse MC; DJs playing many of the same tunes as each other.

then again some of those ones from 92, 93?

NO! (and music, generally).

(still: worth a visit just to look at the scans of flyer/tape pack covers)