Tuesday, May 19, 2009

who'd've thought that Sonic Youth, of all people, could -- in the year 2009! -- kindle such a ferocious and borderline acrimonious debate!!!!

but hark ye, what's this then -- flippin eck, it's only a former mainstay of this parish, lately turned recording artiste, chipping in with some sane late commentary!

they try to retire, they do, but something, something, always pulls them back in...

welcome back mat(e)!

back to SY, on the pro side we had hot new blog Zone Styx Travelcard and also Sonic Youth portal-ee Jon Dale and And You May Find Yourself...

joining K-punk in rampaging nihilation overdrive is Airport Through the Trees's Aaron who amusingly says that "Sonic Youth is the band I came up with recently as the one whose shirts deserve the "I Hate" scrawled upon them". (He's been writing up a storm recently, Aaron).

That made me wonder what the parishioners would come up with if encouraged to update the Johnny Rotten and his Pink Floyd T-Shirt scenario to the present day?

For added piquancy we could have the optional extra of it having to be a band (or genre or whatever) that you once thought the world of, since I'd always kind of suspected that if Johnny Rotten owned a Pink Floyd T-shirt it might be because at one stage he was really into them.

Adding weight to that theory, in some magazine or other quite recently I did read the older, mellower, depleted-of-all-will-to-nihilate John Lydon admitting that he liked "some of the Floyd stuff," and also remarking that David Gilmour was "a really good bloke" (or words to that effect)...