Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"here comes the lick again"--Blackdown on a fresh spasm of collective memory within the nuum : namely a flood of funky refixes of 2step garage tunes

what's interesting to me is that -- despite other flavas indisputably having entered funky's influence-mix like us house/broken beat/soca -- you never get memory-activating refixes of broken beat tunes... there's no funky revamp of "Loose Lips" is there? because that tune was never an anthem in the scene, it was an anthem (and a vomitous one: "loose lips sink ships" = we are the beautiful people,so keep it discreet, keep it elite)on an adjacent but separate scene.... so as far as the nuum is concerned there are no collective memories to be triggered...

as with UK garage remaking jungle and ardkore tunes, here once again you see the tradition constructing itself, writing its own history as it goes along