Saturday, October 16, 2010

oh yeah, talking about Bowie on LA radio, I was gobsmacked by a remix of "Golden Years" I heard on KCRW a week or so ago, took me a while to work out which Bowiesong it actually was

turns out it's from a series of special remixes of "Golden Years" that KCRW have done with permission on account of the reissue of Station To Station (one of the Bowie LPs I've never quite got into despite the amazingness of "Golden Years"... another actually is Heroes which seems markedly less special than Low or Lodger)

the rmx that flabbergasted my ears was the one by KCRW's Eric J. Lawrence, done in collaboration with Samuel Bing who fronts the LA band Fol Chen -- -- unlike the other three mixes it's not dance-ified which is all to the good -- it actually sounds a bit like that Lizzy Mercier Descloux album Mambo Nassau -- but more fractured and... ceremonial