Tuesday, February 07, 2012

they're back!

this sounds like a record from 1991

"unique rap-rave group from South Africa" says Dave, rap-rave = hip-house right?

i love it, i'm looking forward to hearing Ten$ion

but it sounds like a record from 1991

i find this.... eerie

even so, it sounds more modern than Adele, just as tracks by Pitbull/ LMFAO /Flo Rida et al sound more modern than Adele - if there's going to be throwbacks, i'd rather this stuff be in the charts, because it's throwing-back less far into the past than Adele-type music does -- 20 years rather than almost half-a-century

actually, what really perplexes is this

the fact that those kind of Belgium-in-91 riffs still sound quite modern

modern-ish as opposed to modernist