Thursday, August 16, 2012

What the?


"at least fifteen years" says tutorial dude, speaking in 2009....  actually, it's now, in 2012, twenty one years since the Dominator/Mentasm  hoover riff was invented, using the Roland Alpha Juno 2 / Eric Persing "What The?" synth patch

It's like a twelve-bar blues shuffle in E at this point  

Not as blatantly recycled as the tracks above but definitely Hoover-esque - finds fresh life from a seemingly stale formula

Did I post this already? I can't remember (maybe on the Energy Flash blog) - at any rate, here's "rave slime" scholars EVOL and their Horde of Hoovers mix earlier this year for FACT

105 tracks in just under 49 minutes!

EVOL's Roc Jiménez de Cisnero told FACT, “The majority of the tracks belong to a very specific timeframe, namely the golden era of European rave and hardcore around 1990, 1991 and 1992, when the hoover sound was wildly popular and its potential was being explored. Despite quickly becoming a gimmick across the scene, and one that spawned countless shit tunes, the hoover was at its peak in the very early nineties, and the productions of that time set the gold standard for years to come. Hoovers survived as a cliché but hardly evolved after that.”

Still yet to hear EVOL's Wormhole Shubz: Finitude and Homeomorphism in Postulatory Rave Synthesis, which is "a deconstruction of rave culture icons under radically different compositional strategies"  and comes complete with a CD booklet featuring an interview with Eric Persing.

Oh wait, there's some excerpts on the site if you scroll down a way - the second track sounds like the erratic flight path of a bee suffering from alcohol poisoning