Tuesday, January 08, 2013

drummige cru, 7

Last lick of drum circle action....

Bloggers, first:

David Kasper on live drumming in hip hop

And in the mailbag, an inundation of Andrew Parker:

Drum pr0n

Slow motion footage of a cymbal being struck:

Slow motion footage of a snare drum being struck:

A lot of drums hit in nothing resembling slow motion (courtesy of Flo Mounier’s instructional video):
(He takes flight at ~ 2:50.)

Drum Battles

Buddy Rich vs. Animal (yes, from The Muppets):

Mike Portnoy vs. Billy Rhymer:

[Billy Rhymer’s (checked shirt) performance is worth watching]


Rowan Atkinson playing invisible drums (it/he is actually very good):

Re: Klaus Dinger

Daniel Fichelscher (Popol Vuh) is another German who moved effortlessly between guitar and drums.

Check out the ‘splashing’ cymbals on Popul Vuh’s King Minos:

Drummer who should have been nominated for your list (by me, if no-one else)

Dave Lombardo (Slayer) for his playing on Raining Blood:


Thanks to Andrew - and to everybody who contributed

See you in a year's time maybe, for the Great Bass Race....