Wednesday, March 01, 2017

haunty morsels

Moon Wiring Club with a triffic - and unusual - mix: Anxious Heart. A real departure actually - the English voice-snippets are still woven in there but the beat-matrix is much more electronic, veering into IDMish zones more often than soundtrack / library.

Ekoplekz and Farmer Glitch team up for a project titled  Pharmerz, based around acid house and the Roland 303. Which thought initially, I confess, made the old soul yawn a bit, but turns out the pair have managed to extract some different gloopy sound-shapes out of that seemingly exhausted icon of a machine.  20 Acid Glonk  Greats is very worth checking out.

Update 3/11: Nick Ekoplekz pops by to point out that there are actually zero "genuine 303 sounds" on Pharmerz. "We use a Korg Volca Bass for the acid impersonations. The only 303 involved was a two mile stretch of the A303 I drove down on my way to Yeovil for the session!". The goal though was to reclaim "some of lost potential of 'acid house' from that brief period before 303-orthodoxy set in".

Release rationale: 

What happens when Farmer Glitch (ex-Hacker Farm) convenes and colludes with Ekoplekz (Planet Mu, Mordant Music) at Yeovil's soon-to-be-legendary Eastville Project Space? Extracted from a marathon jam session, these eight tracks combine distinctly wonky acidic grooves with noise-improv interventions that bend and distort the Acid House template into new psychedelic shapes, via early Warp non-genres and Industrial-strength blasts from the post-punk past. Running counter-intuitive to current format trends, pHarmerz present these preliminary findings as a double 3" CDr in fold-out sleeve designed by Mark Hollis 

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