Tuesday, December 19, 2017

ROUTLEDGE DEXTER SATELLITE SYSTEMS MIX = a brand-new audio assemblage from Mr Moon Wiring Club...  months in the gestation, it's rather different from his usual mixology .. more overloaded and choppy...  Horse's mouth indicates the original intent ("started off as very much a ‘murky hip-hop’ mix") and the different outcome ("grew organically into something else... picture the whole thing like a malfunctioning satellite broadcast, different channels spluttering spasmodically then fizzing out") while also revealing that the constituent elements include the hhactor Edward Woodward, Zoviet France + Evan Parker, and a surprising amount of contemporary music (Actress, Ikonika, Best  Available Technology). 

Official mix manifesto:  

"Greetings Citizen Volunteers! CLASP your swanky bakelite listening devices and tune into the ROUTLEDGE DEXTER SATELLITE SYSTEMS MIX ~ unquestionably the finest in MWC deftly-spliced disjointed hip-hop wonky radio-play melodic oddness around! Freshly Near Mint / almost unplayable antique sonic-slices are politely cajoled-up inside a labyrinthine audio-mesh extracted from video archive endurance excursion-sagas of perplexingly perpetual proportions! But don't get greedy Stu ~ an abundance of rhythmic propulsion & uncanny momentum is never far from t'derangement table. Endeavour to enjoy!"