Wednesday, May 02, 2018


My piece for Red Bull Music Academy Daily on "Synthedelia: Psychedelic Electronic Music in the 1960s".

Focused on North America, it features interviews with Cork Marcheschi of Fifty Foot Hose, John Mills-Cockell of Intersystems and Syrinx, and Joseph Byrd of United States of America.  Other groups covered include Beaver & Krause, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Lothar and the Hand People, Nik Pascal, and Silver Apples.

Congrats to Bernie  Krause for winning the 2018 Moog Innovation Award, which has occasioned the release of this ancient 1971 footage of him and Paul Beaver at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Some edge cases that didn't make it into the piece.

Check out also the related pieces in this "Synthedelia" package on Bruce Haack and on The Birth of Psychedelic London