Sunday, October 06, 2019

a Ginger whinge

Mr Baker speaks truth!

Now this is serious! 
If there's one thing in this country that really bothers me
Is the inability of yanks to make a good cup of tea
Instructions are printed on the teabag
But either they can't read
Or they think it's a gag
Pour boiling water over the tea
How simple and clear can the instructions be?
They bring you a cup with a lemon slice
And an unopened tea bag beside it (how nice)
And a pot of water and it may be hot
But boiling it isn't so tea you have not
Why can't we
Get our tea
We need tea
To set us free
It's boiling water that brings out tea's flavor
With a dash of milk you've a real brew to savor
They drink lukewarm brown water that looks like gnat pee
And it's got nothing to do with a good cup of tea
Pour boiling water over the tea
How simple and clear
Can the instructions be?
Pour boiling water over the tea
Pour boiling water over the tea"

Well, the situation has improved significantly since the Nineties, when Ginger wrote and sang that protest ditty, but it's surprising how often in a diner or restaurant you'll still get presented with a cup of hot water and a teabag sachet on the saucer beside it.

Actually reviewed that Masters of Reality album, at the height of my Carducci-induced interest in all things heavy and boogiefied.

RIP Ginger.

Did not know he'd been in Hawkwind