Tuesday, July 07, 2020

"living in division"

Here's my piece for Tidal on Fun House by The Stooges - came out fifty years ago today, remains the greatest rock album ever - and also on the Iggy Pop box The Bowie Years, when David persuaded his friend-hero-protégé to "sing like Mae West" but he sounded more like Jim Morrison crooning through a belch.

Not a fan of live albums generally, but the unexpected highlights of this 7-disc package turned out to be the four concerts from a single month in 1977 - the UK / North America tour Iggy (with David in the backing band) did between the release of The Idiot and recording Lust for Life.

This is an oddly slick rendition of "Dirt" (no Stooges in the backing band) but actually brings out the majesty of the song.

Even a flashy, very un-Asheton-like geetarsolo cannot mar this