Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Boy oh Boy

 Here's a piece I did for Tidal on the early days of U2, when they were just another New Wave band jostling for attention, timed for the 40th anniversary of Boy

I could have sworn the first time I saw / heard U2 was them playing "A Day Without Me" on TV, but deduction led me to this performance  of "I Will Follow" on the after-school kids show Get It Together

Stop press: History Is Made At Night finds a 1980 TV performance of "A Day Without Me" that must be the one I remember - on the youth TV program White Light, presented by Gary Crowley 

                                                   The promo - with video FX mirroring the delay on the guitar 

Back when the singer went as Bono Vox 

Deluges of grandeur.