Wednesday, January 13, 2021

mouth music (peak squeak)

Kieran Press-Reynolds deliriously reviews Playboi Carti's delirious Whole Lotta Red

(Ignore the stupid headline, which was not his handiwork).

Here's what Kieran says by way of introduction: "I've written many album reviews. This one, though, is special. I've been waiting two years, two years of trawling through forums for leaks and staying up late expecting the album to drop only to be disappointed. So hyped that I finally got the chance to review this intoxicatingly incoherent mind-trip. It feels a little strange, given everything that's happening in the world, to write so seriously about baby voices and alien gurgle-rap, but hey, sometimes the stupidly fun things are the most comforting, distracting in times of distress."