Friday, February 05, 2021


And here's the final installment of Kieran Press-Reynolds's 3-part series on  videogame musik and how it's influenced pop and unpop, for his Repeater Radio show CTRL.ALT. REPEAT.

This episode is called "The Rise of Gamebient" and, says Kieran, concerns "how video game music is everywhere - on YouTube, on TikTok, nestled in our brains.... Chaotic game music has become a sort of study drug for hyperactive young teens... there's a new wave of artists (leon chang, galen tipton, Serlof, Lost Cascades, etc.) making soundtracks for games that don't exist.... these fake game OSTs are sometimes popular because they allow Twitch streamers/YouTubers to bypass copyright laws."

                                                  First episode here and second  here