Monday, June 28, 2021

Full On, Non Stop, All Over

I was pleased to contribute an introduction to a new photobook documenting UK club culture:  Matthew Smith's Full On, Non Stop, All Over.  

Published by Trip City and available from todayFull On, Non Stop, All Over collects pictures taken between 2000 and 2005, when Smith worked for magazines like DJ Mag, Sleaze Nation, Jockey Slut, Mixmag, Ministry, Muzik, The Face and Bristol’s Venue  (poignantly, all print publications and mostly expired -  two survived, one expired and then resurrected itself as a quarterly - an indication that those were different times when a boom-time club scene could support its own dedicated media). Prior to that phase of being a working club photographer, Smith - a.k.a. MATTKO -  had been involved in the free party scene during the '90s, which is documented in his earlier book, Exist to Resist

Here's an interview at Creative Review with Matthew Smith. 

And here's a Mixmag interview

And here's Matt's archive of subcultural and countercultural photography