Monday, August 01, 2022

reading matters: family + friends edition

Dispatch from the frontlines of 2020s music, a review of quinn's new album by Kieran Press-Reynolds for Pitchfork.

Dispatches from the frontlines of late '80s and early '90s music from David Stubbs, in the form of reminiscences of:

- an audience with Chuck D of Public Enemy 

a trip to  Russia to follow World Domination Enterprises on a groundbreaking tour of the Soviet Union

Dispatches from the frontlines of cutting-edge TV (re)viewing, a.k.a our sofa, here's Joy Press writing about

the underrated Industry (a shared favorite, this - a raunchy, druggy glimpse into the real world domination enterprise, a.k.a international finance)  

- rewatching the pilot episode of Mad Men on the 15th anniversary of its airing 

-   Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal