Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New York Massive! Come support this night:

Sci-Fi Soul & Brooklyn Garage present:

Wild FleX

SATURDAYS 10pm - 3:30am

Debut night: this coming Saturday, December 4th 2004

FREE admission

200 Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton, NYC
(F Train to 2nd Ave or Delancey St)

DJs: Paul Kennedy & guests

grime, ragga, favela funk, 2step, bubblecrunk, neukÖln, ardkore jungle, lover's rock +

combining the best UK underground with U.S. & Jamaican flavas plus elektrohaus and dance classics


i attended the dummy-run rehearsal night last saturday, Paul Sci-Fi Soul rocked the crowd w/ mash-up old skool Amenizm, dirty south bass, gutter garridge, dancehall, the full spektrum. The Orchard Bar has a surprisingly good sound system -- it's about 8 times better than that pretentious pisshole APT, for instance -- and (whisper it) a really quite large dancefloor area, cunningly tucked out of sightline-from-the-street (from a passing cop's eye view, it just looks like a very long and narrow bar) creating an almost speakeasy/keep-it-onna-downlow/dancers-as-guerrilla-cell vibe that's quite... vibesy. Admission is free, drinks reasonably priced. Future guest spots include Man Like Stelfox juggling his dancehall 7's, w/ yours truly chatting 'pon the mic (okay that last bit was a total lie, but Stelfox is coming over for early January). Seriously, though, this is the only place in New York where you'll be able to hear Grime and UKG (not to mention favela funk mixed with crunk mixed with dancehall AND summadat metrohaus you young'uns seem to like so much...) so if you care or are intrigued about the current UK sound then be there. even if you're doing something else that night, drop by for a bit, use it as your meet point, whatever.
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