Thursday, December 02, 2004

"If you put someone's head in a vice and tighten it, some interesting stuff is going to ooze out. I'm not from London originally so I notice this more. Being an alien, you see that this city is like a vast compression chamber, packing in all these diverse elements, ethnicities, influences, stresses, tensions, so everyone has to wriggle about so as not to suffocate. The power of Afro-caribbean sound system culture is not just about the sonic influence of dub, reggae, dancehall and soca, but a whole set of microcultural practices for not just avoiding suffocation, finding breathing space, but for finding some kind of way out. The futurism comes via the competitive pressure, which forces rapid change, recombination and mutation as a matter of survival."

Kode 9, interviewed, on presha and the hydraulic theory of sceniotic creativity (cf Peter York on "steam" and the from-below pressure of those denied conventional routes to social mobility, and that Kanye West lyric about steam powering his rise)

And how's this for hip:

"Outside of garage tempo, I've been listening to microrecordings of the ebola virus."

That CCRU lot, you got to love 'em doncha!

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