Tuesday, June 21, 2005

old skool/scene resurrection rave in brooklyn this friday:

Friday, June 24th 2005 / Dude, Where's My Scene?


FRANKIE BONES: sonic groove/storm rave. nyc
DB: breakbeat science/n.a.s.a. nyc
ADAM X: sonic groove/storm rave. nyc
JOESKI: maya recordings/chocolate factory. nyc
GONZO: limelight. nyc
DJ FUNK: dancemania, ghettobooty. chicago
DAVE HOLLANDS: minimal wage. nyc
SCOTT RICHMOND: satellite records. nyc
ODYSSEY: digital konfusion. nyc

ODI: digital konfusion. jungle sky. nyc
KECH: stuck on earth. nyc
CHRISTIAN BRUNA: camouflage. nyc
KAZPA: stuck on earth. smoove groove, li9X: camouflage. nyc
VANDAL: digital konfusion. nyc
MYKE & ALLIAS: koncrete jungle. nyc

there is a third, VIP room but who gives a shit about that...

Location:1500 capacity venue / Greenpoint, Brooklyn NYC / Voted NYC's best sound and light show by Club Systems Magazine!5 minutes from manhattan, Newyorkfuckincity!
3 rooms, one vibe!

Production: jukebox heroes & global clublife / Visual stimulation: funk tax

21 & over / invite only event

7pm-7am enter b4 12 am to ensure free entry!

RSVP via e-mail for free admission!!!!
all rsvp's must be emailed to events@globalclublife.com per each person attending!
One confirmation number and directions to event per e-mail rsvp!!!

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