Tuesday, June 07, 2005

when worlds collide #2

Ying Yang Twins, "Ghetto Classics" (M. Crooms, D. Holmes, E. Jackson, A. Dudley, T. Horn, J. Jeczalik, G. Langan, P. Morley). Published by ColliPark Music/EMI Blackwood, Da Crippler Publishing/EMI Blackwood/SPZ Music, Inc. Recorded by Mr. ColliPark at ColliPark Studio, Atlanta, GA. Keys by Mr. Jonz. Mixed by Ray Seay at the Vault Studios, N. Miami FL. Contains a sample of "Beat Box"...

("sample" being understatement of the bleedin' year, the track is "Beat Box", albeit with Mr. Jonz duplicating Ms. Dudley's entire piano part trill for trill..)
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