Friday, July 15, 2005

The other thing about '94 (and most of the Nineties really) was that it was a pretty chill time politically, etc. John Major was in power, which contributed to a sense of stagnation and deadlock, but the Tories had exhausted their agenda, were utterly enervated, and you could sense the return of Labour in the offing. America had Clinton vs Republican Congress, a different kind of stagnation and deadlock, but still much preferable to now. The economy was a bit shaky in the early Nineties but was picking up i think by '94 and the ensuing boom, in the UK, has even now yet to flag significantly, right? There was bad stuff going on in the world, but it didn't impinge in the way the current bad stuff does. I suppose we were probably living in a bit of a bubble (we meaning the West) . But yeah, good times, the Nineties, as a whole--outside of music and inside of music, too, i think.

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