Monday, February 06, 2006

the main point of the below (sometimes i have to write something before i realise what the point is!) is that 18 years after acid house, 12 years after jungle, however many years it is after 94 diskont and homework, there is still this fixation on Content that means that neither an epochal compilation (history of our world part one, say, or whatever Total you want to nominate, or...) nor a fabulous instrumental electronic album (with beats--Frequencies--or without: Selected Ambient Works the first or the second; going far back, On Land).... such records will never place anything like as high as they deserve. What will place is the electronic/beat-oriented album that has content or is construed to have it (so it'll always be Maxinquaye, or Post, or Everything Is Wrong/Play, or... do i even need to say it...) , where there's a Charismatic Candidate for Iconhood (sorry IP!) to focus on....

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