Monday, February 06, 2006

V/Vm has embarked upon an intriguing project, making a piece of new music everyday and instantly releasing it, as free downloads. From his latest communique:

"The 365 project is a month in. Fifty four tracks (over 300MB of MP3s) in various stages of development were uploaded in January, so far so bad/good. Below is a direct link to all the audio files uploaded throughout last month for those of you who may have missed some of them.

The aim of course with the project is the challenge of the format, nobody as i am aware has created audio each day and uploaded it in this fashion before, not for a whole year anyway. You are also encoauraged to hack and destroy any audio you find there as it's all being licensed to you under the creative commons banner. Think of the project as being one big unfinished audio scrapbook which you need to make some sense out of. Being on brainwashed it flies underneath the usual blog searches and has no RSS feature, so unless you visit the site you can't get the info on what is being uploaded which is how i want it to be. Here is the full link to the project so don't miss a beat and remember it's all totally free, so even if you hate it all it's cost you nothing. "

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