Thursday, September 21, 2006

K-punk superb on Memories of the Future, the splendid debut by Kode 9 (who's also interviewed). I should say Kode and Spaceape, as the latter's contribution--imagine Linton Kwesi Johnson intoning Ballard cut-ups--is crucial, it's a real partnership, and it strikes me that the accumulative weight of it as an immersive album-length experience works better than the singles in isolation. Nodded my head to Mark's righteous invocation of Maxinquaye (I heard "Hell Is Round the Corner" on some American TV drama the other week--could it have been Deadwood?--and nearly fainted at its majesty, every line scintillating and reverberating across your mindscreen... funny how you can forget about these immense recordings--the best album of the 90s maybe--and then get ambushed) while the On U Sound analogy is apt and timely given the flood of Sherwood-related reissues soon come (Mark Stewart & the Mafia Learning To Cope With Cowardice, the Sherwood-mixed On-U Soundcrash and Tackhead Soundcrash, etc).

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