Tuesday, September 26, 2006

reading matters


fan meets idol

proggi proggi proggi (oi oi oi)
(why i am in a different hunter-collector league from mr woebot; one of these italoprog records he's chasing, he sees on some sale list but baulks at paying $250. my baulking point would be $25. lower, actually. i think i've only once paid more than $25 for a single piece of vinyl, a toru takemitsu album (yeah go figure -- momentary attack of madness, it must have been -- or perhaps karmic readjustment for finding another thing by him over the road in a cardboard box for a dollar). but yeah, i've much more affinity with the quidditch concept coined by mr impostume)


ah so i'm not alone in feeling this:

"the patient unfurling of the label's sonic signature-- not to mention its continuing currency in dance circles-- is testament to the curious slowness with which this decade marches forward" (my italics)--Finney on Kompakt's Total 7

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