Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Laibach have a new album out.

It's called Volk.

They really are like the Status Quo of industrial music or something aren't they? Heads-down no-nonsense unflaggingly pokerfaced ambiguous-totalitarian-flirtations for over twenty years now.

It gets better though--the new record is a collection of cover versions of national anthems, a mix of famous (America, France, Germany, Great Britain,) and obscure (Zhonghua, Slovania, Vatican), all with the kitschy-shlocky arrangements you'd expect.

The only one that's any cop at all is the last track, the anthem for a totally fictitious country, Laibach's own "nation-state" NSK . The tune has this ponderous ceremonial feel--literally stately--and the recording has a faded, grey-toned quality as though sourced from an ancient Pathe news reel.

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