Saturday, October 03, 2009

well ideologically i'm with the Finney position on the "intelligent funky" aka funkstep direction, of course i am

embarrassingly though i find this as a listening experience much more exciting than e.g. this

the latter is pumping house with a slightly odd-angled groove, whereas "Natty Dub" takes the odd angles and builds a whole track out of them.

i know, i know, it's all about "the full circumference"; in the scene itself there's loads of things in between these two poles

just saying: one sounds not that different from what we've heard before, from things that have the whiff of bottle-service-only about them; one points towards something we've not heard before

also, in terms of playing beyond the pre-converted/following-this-zone-for-years bods and the lundunmassive home crowd (significantly funky is so far the first nuum sound not to have established even the smallest beach head outside the UK) the abstract/darker/tech-ier stuff is going to do it, if anything does

cos they already have sexy party house music, everywhere on earth, they don't need some slightly kooky yookay variant of it