Saturday, October 03, 2009


latest instalments in an irregular series occasioned by the large number of friends who've got books out this year

I like to think we're all mates at The Wire. But at least two of the contributors here have been round my gaff, others I've quaffed with, and another did me a favour many years ago... but I better say no more in case either of us plans to run for political office in the future. I'm in here too with a primer on grime.

I couldn't honestly say any of the participants here are mates, as such. But Paul Morley's long piece on postpunk Manchester is a real treat, the other texts look interesting (don't envy the poor sod who had to make a case for Manchester after the second 808 State album--i.e. last eighteen years--though!) and Kevin Cummins's pix are ace.