Monday, November 08, 2010

From now on, when someone asks me to explain "hyper-stasis", I'll just point them to this mix by Mosca.

56 tracks in 100 minutes. A dozen or more genres. Drastic shifts in tempo. Every track a winner (more or less anyway).

Yet their frenetic juxtaposition kindles nothing.

The sparks deficit is not technical (the mixing was done the old-fashioned way, apparently, not digitally), a question of execution; it's more philosophical, and perhaps ultimately a reflection of the musical zeitgeist. More (sources, styles, events-per-minute) = less.

In the end: Girl Talk for uber-hipsters.


On the subject of Mosca's own productions, the blurb argues that "the best thing about Mosca’s discography so far is that none of these tunes sound particularly alike"

This actually strikes me as another symptom of gluttage/clottage. Far from a virtue, it's what happens when artistic identity becomes "pure screen, a switching center for all the networks of influence" (to quote Jean B.)You have to be exceedingly strong, artistically, to withstand this level of influence-influx, to filter the flood in such a way that the output has any kind of signature/trademark to distinguish it.