Wednesday, November 03, 2010

it doesn't get much better than this

within the discography of Joni Mitchell that is

yes, well spotted, this is from The Last Waltz--one of the few good bits. This and Muddy Waters. The latter sequence tarnished by the smarm of Robbie Robertson (insufferably coquette-ish - i think that's the only word for it-- all through the movie).

Joni-wise, it doesn't get much better, unless it's

Been on a Joni jag last month or two.

"Coyote" is on Hejira, which is as "parched" as everybody says it is, sonically. Cocaine? "Coyote" has those references to "white white lines"

Things I wish we'd known when writing the Joni bit in Sex Revolts. That Hejira is an Arabic word meaning "the breaking of ties". That she has a song about Amelia Earhart. That Joni went off on some wandering on her own all across America in a car escapade during this period of her life.