Wednesday, January 26, 2011

coming soon, with sleevenotes by me - Absolute, a Scritti Politti anthology

covering the whole span of Scritti's existence, except for White Bread Black Beer

rescues some later phase gems and places them alongside the Songs To Remember and Cupid & Psyche stuff

of particular interest to die-hards: a couple of 2007 tracks, i.e. after White Bread Black Beer, that Green did with David Gamson, "Day Late & A Dollar Short" especially strong, doesn't look like that turned into a whole album, but still an encouraging sign for the next Scritti record, whenever that appears

i'd have left off "Skank" which sticks out like a store thumb, and substituted "Faithless", but otherwise very well done

listening to it all again reminded me of the eerie edge to Green's melodic signature that peeks out in even the most sugar-brite Cupid stuff -- fey in the dictionary sense--and also how much of a signature it is, running through the whole body...