Tuesday, January 04, 2011

if only this were a real coffee table book! *

the cover art of Reinforced Records

the record sleeves start out thrillingly stark and aberrant, get more fussed-over and convoluted, and then start to look pretty putrid

mirroring, i suspect

a/ technological advances

b/ what was happening with the music

(via blue lines revisited)

* erratum/stop press: ah, woops, apparently it is a real coffee table book, according to FACT, it's "available in hardback (£29.95) and paperback (£19.95) editions... thanks to Blurb, a boutique web service that allows users to design their own books and have them manufactured."

See also this:
Manix mix of reinforced golden era classics plus news of forthcoming manix lp in a "new old" style (, two tracks from which appear in the mix), viz:"I wanted to mark our 20th year as a label with a special release so originally I was gonna do a 4 track EP but as I got into doing it the memories inspired a 12 track album. I dug out the Akia S950 sampler, my Atari ST1040 and a box of old breaks and focused on the real feel good factor, the 150BPM hardcore/rave sound of Reinforced and Manix. I also did two tracks inspired by the earlier Chicago house sound"