Wednesday, March 09, 2011

solos, collectivised - andmoreagain!

David Gunnip:

not strictly a solo I guess but alway loved waiting for the end somber bit which comes in on the 5 min mark approx. This was their Stones song but arguably as good as anything they did from 68-71.

Around 1:20 it comes in. Also the solo on Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill.

or (at 1:13)


And as you might say yourself it just won't ever get better than this short burst of Lindsey genuis. It's like every great 70's rock solo is condensed in those few seconds between 3:05 and 3:36.

Robert Holman:

Don't think Robbie Robertson has been mentioned yet, nor (on a different tack) Masami Tsuchiya, nor Zappa. Maybe should have mentioned Steve Cropper's solo on "green onions" too - hardly a solo, more a series of lip-curling licks, but with an incredibly tough Telecaster sound.

Loki aka An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming offers:

"Some guitar interventions…

This Coil one is Eno slips until the guitar kicks in at 5.17 or so….

and there’s a much more guitarry corollary / remix here… the odd bunny from a Pathological compilation circa 1990…

and has no one mentioned these guys? For 2 albums, the whitest hottest guitar group around… blurring the spaces between monster riffs and soloing… [actually Carl started off with this i think, but why not whip it out again]



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